We are continuing with our academic year as we enter 2021! If you’re not already signed up, its not too late to join us! Visit our Enroll Now page to get started.


We are complying with state and local guidelines for COVID-19 Prevention, and staying up to date on local health orders.

We are following this mandate from the department of social services (aka licencing) as well as these requirements from the California Department of Public Health. Together with additional requirements from licencing, we have put together our Creek policies and procedures for implementing the requirements for COVID 19 prevention in the least restrictive manner in order to give our students and families the best experience possible.

Our plan features smaller classes sizes with a 1:9 ratio and adjusting schedules to minimize each class’ interactions with other class groups. While its not possible to completely isolate each classroom set from another, we are taking steps to maintain stable groups even during our extended day programs.

We are working through an ever-changing situation and appreciate your patience and your support in this time. Thank you for entrusting your children to us!